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MC4.0 Fundamental
Age: 7 - 15 Years

Our MC4.0 Fundamental lessons will cover What is MC4.0, Why MC 4.0, What is UI platform and more things you will learn.

Explore our hands-on, step-by-step solutions that support students in their first steps in programming, electronics and science. Linked directly into the curriculum, no prior knowledge or experience is required.
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MC 4.0 Intermediate
Age: 15+ Years

This MC 4.0 Intermediate course is an outstanding opportunity to learn new, marketable skills, the main course will help you move from block-based coding to Script-based coding, easy to switch over to programming language.

Whether you are a beginner or seek to deepen your knowledge, our high school solutions provide extensive learning experience, with exercises grounded in real world challenges and important 21 century skills.
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MC 4.0 Advanced
Age: 18+ Years

Discover the products that allow students to take a step towards working with technology professionally, extend their knowledge and learn important industry skills within engineering, mechatronics, data processing, AI and the Internet of Things.
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MC 4.0 Fundamental

Introduction to MC4.0 Kit and UiFlow platform
Exploring UiFlow interface and basic features
Understanding the basics of block-based programming
Let’s Move
Input and Output (Sensor & actuators)
Variables and Data Types
Arrays and Lists
Vibration & sounds
work on RGB and Gyro
Final Project and Review

MC 4.0 Intermediate​

Introduction to Python programming
Let’s move Part 1
Input and outputs
Loops p1
Loops p2
Let’s move part 2
Final project

MC 4.0 Advanced

Introduction to IoT
Cloud Computing
Introduction to AI
Speech & Voice recognition
Supervised & Unsupervised ML
Image recognition
Person recognition
Hand Gestures (HGR)
Final project

MC 4.0 Course Plan

MC 4.0 Fundamental

Newbie course!
Age: 7 - 15 years 
     Billed annually - Save $30

MC 4.0

Pro course!
Age: 15+ Years
     Billed annually - Save $60

MC 4.0

Advanced course!
Age: 18+ Years
     Billed annually - Save $120

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